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Reviews about Mian Noodle Restaurant


Kitchen Type: Chef Restaurant, Chinese, Far East / Asian, Fusion, Japanese, Seafood, Vegan, Vegetarian
Shlomo ha-Melekh 22 , Jerusalem Show Map
WebSite: Mian Noodle

Nir Franbuch - על מסעדת מיאן נודלס 25/12/2019

This place is an insult for Asian food.

Just a tasteless, expensive tourist trap scam!

The worst tasteless noodles I've ever tasted. And I LOVE noodles and eat asian food for many many years.

To call this thing ramen, is an insult to Japanese food. And to charge 50 shekels for this... Honestly?!

My wife ate Tasteless stir fried rice in 67 shekels, really ??

As a Chinese person you should know, one who cheat people and mess with KARMA, it messes back...

אוכל: 1 שירות: 1 אווירה: 3 עיצוב: 3
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