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Kitchen Type: Coffee Shop, Italian, Lactic, Pasta Bar, Restaurant- Bar
8 , Jerusalem Show Map
WebSite: pasta basta

Shirley - על מסעדת פסטה בסטה 03/11/2011

We ordered 2 pasta dishes - both were great. The only problem is that the restaurant is a little small; it's not always easy to have lunch on a stool. On the other hand, these are the things that make this place feel so good.
אוכל: 5 שירות: 4 אווירה: 4 עיצוב: 5
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Yell Zu - על מסעדת פסטה בסטה 21/08/2011

Great pasta dishes, crazy prices, great atmosphere, good fun.
אוכל: 0 שירות: 0 אווירה: 0 עיצוב: 0
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Michal - על מסעדת פסטה בסטה 26/06/2011

The pasta is very good but the extra for the sauce is too high (6-8 NIS!). I ended up paying 50 NIS for my pasta – which is way too much.
אוכל: 4 שירות: 3 אווירה: 4 עיצוב: 0
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