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Kitchen Type: Bakery / Pastry-Shop, Coffee Shop, Lactic
48 , Manot Show Map
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libi segal - על בית קפה טראפלס 10/07/2013

Very expensive breakfast for what it is - salad that was cut a few days ago and has been sitting in the fridge, small coffee, mushy olives, tuna from a tin not made into any special spread...
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Jacob - על בית קפה טראפלס 24/07/2011

We were surprised to find this café while on vacation in the area. We were more surprised walking in, at the sight of all these beautifully decorated cakes and cookies. We had a wonderful breakfast that included freshly squeezed juice, omelet, a variety of cheeses, spreads and everything. At the end of this we couldn't resist having some of the desserts they make on the premises. We enjoyed every bite. If you're in the area, you should definitely check this place out.
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