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Kitchen Type: Bar / Pub, English Bar, Events, Fish, Meat, Restaurant- Bar
Yosef Rivlin & Hasorag St, 5 , Jerusalem Show Map
WebSite: Bell Wood Bar

Moshe - על מסעדת Bell Wood Bar 18/09/2011

I came here on a Friday night and found a great place - location, atmosphere, alcohol menu and drought beer that even Irish bars wouldn't be ashamed of. The Shnitzl and chips were generous and well cooked. the music was divine and the service too (thank you, bartender Yael), it's nice to have places like this in Jerusalem.
אוכל: 4 שירות: 5 אווירה: 5 עיצוב: 4
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Z - על מסעדת Bell Wood Bar 10/07/2011

It's the best place in Jerusalem!!!
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