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Kitchen Type: Events, French, Italian, Mediterranean, romantic
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Glenda Pogorelsky - על מסעדת חוות התבלינים בגלבוע 18/12/2012

It's supposed to resemble a chalet but is a throwback to the pine decor of the 1970s. We sat on benches covered with flat, lumpy cushions. The napkins were revealed to have been very badly laundered. The place is just buzzing with flies - and we were there in winter! But more important: the food. It's high priced and it just isn't worth it. Not one of the four of us felt that it was more than mediocre. When you pay NIS34 for a bowl of soup made with inexpensive vegetables ingredients, you can, justifiably, feel just a little cheated to have to pay extra for a slice of bread to go with it. The salads and the meagre portions of the dips were, on the whole, tasteless and quite ridiculously priced. We've been 3 times, only because we didn't know of other places in the area. Not one of us intends to be cheated for a 4th time.
אוכל: 2 שירות: 3 אווירה: 3 עיצוב: 1
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