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Restaurants Details Address Phone Coupon Reservation Site
anab'e More details emeq zvulun 1 Modi'in 053-4872338 [HyperLink3]
Kosher: Rabanut
More details Washington 4 Jerusalem 072-3281727 HyperLink [HyperLink3]
ANNA More details harav agan 10 Jerusalem 053-4872314 Order now [HyperLink3]
Brasserie More details hamaayan 15 Jerusalem 072-3281722 [HyperLink3]
Dolphin-sea More details 9 Jerusalem 053-8094765 HyperLink Order now [HyperLink3]
Ein Kerem More details hamaayan 9 Jerusalem 053-8094604 Order now [HyperLink3]
Kosher: Badatz (ahkenaz),Badatz (Sfarad)
More details hamarpe 1 har hotzvim Jerusalem 053-8094720 [HyperLink3]
Grill Bar
Kosher: Badatz (Sfarad),Glatt kosher,,Mehadrin,Rabanut
More details Hasoreg 1 Jerusalem 053-8094882 [HyperLink3]
Hans Sterrnbach Winery More details 83 Givat Yshayahoo, P.O.Box Emek Haela 99825 Givat Yeshaayahu 053-8094670 HyperLink Order now [HyperLink3]
Lehem Basar Jerusalem
Kosher: Mehadrin,Mehadrin to Mehadrin
More details David Remez 4 Hatahana Harishona, Kikar David Remez Jerusalem 053-7933199 [HyperLink3]
Lev Jerusalem
Kosher: Mehadrin
More details Hameleh Gorge 18 Jerusalem 053-9370169 HyperLink [HyperLink3]
Link More details 3 Jerusalem 053-8094510 Order now [HyperLink3]
Mona More details Shmuel hanagis 12 Jerusalem 072-3281692 Order now [HyperLink3]
mount zion boutique hotel More details 17 Jerusalem 053-8094698 [HyperLink3]
Nahala 16 More details Shlomtzion Hamalka 1 Jerusalem 054-3090707 [HyperLink3]
Kosher: Glatt kosher
More details Shlomtziyon Hamalka 3 Jerusalem 053-8094723 [HyperLink3]
Resheta More details Jerusalem 053-6112763 Order now [HyperLink3]
Saturday at the farm More details Jerusalem 053-8094828 [HyperLink3]
Shosh caffa
Kosher: Mehadrin
More details 31 Jerusalem 053-8094096 [HyperLink3]
Kosher: Rabanut
More details 12 Emil Bote St, The Confederation House Jerusalem 053-8094798 [HyperLink3]
link Taamon More details 27 Jerusalem 02-6254977
(La Boca (Kanela Former
Kosher: Rabanut
More details shlomzion hamalka 8 Jerusalem 053-8094393 HyperLink
Kosher: Mehadrin,Rabanut
More details King David 10 Jerusalem 02-6222312
4 Onot More details Jerusalem 02-6429494
55 bear food Yes Planet More details Naomi 4 Yes Planet Jerusalem 02-5435775

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