Business Lunch at Marrakesh

A meal at Marrakesh restaurant is like spending noontime inside the pages of ‘Arabian Nights’: from the authentic d?cor, the outfits of the waiting staff, the gracious service, to the meals themselves with tempting names such as Tajine Dal Jazar, Tajine Delranmi, and Lekok Ma’amrin. When combined with appetizers, and dessert, this business meal turns out to be a worthwhile Oriental trip.

Undoubtedly, the various business specials being offered in the restaurant scene have opened restaurant doors to a much wider clientele. The openness and variety of the local food & beverage market give one the opportunity to order-in or dine-out and enjoy Chinese, Thai, Sushi, French, Mexican, and Italian cuisines, as well as hamburgers, salads, sandwiches, pizza, and much more. These deals afford us the chance to enjoy such cuisines as the authentic Moroccan kitchen. Of course, many Israelis would be familiar with it from our own homes, and mom’s cooking. However, Moroccan food has a different side to it, more fancy and upscale, like in the last of the French restaurants, and eating this food is a culinary experience which is on par with a visit to any Chef restaurant. Marrakesh restaurant is one with just such food.

Marrakesh, an authentic kosher Moroccan restaurant, is located on Netanya’s beach, near a beautiful waterfall. The circular restaurant is styled in Moroccan fashion, and in good taste. The ceiling is entirely covered in golden satin, beautiful lamps hang from atop, each table is set with a multicolor tajine, and the furniture and dishes were brought over from Morocco. The waiting staff is dressed in authentic garb, adding to the atmosphere, and the service is pleasant and gracious.

Marrakesh offers a wide selection of authentic Moroccan food, made of fresh ingredients, and a lot of love. The traditional dishes include, for example, meat with mushrooms, hummus with leg meat, beef cutlets, mixed Moroccan grill, a mix of beef organs, tongue in mushrooms, homemade sausage (kosher), brain in piquant sauce, mutton in dried fruits, mutton with onion, stuffed artichoke, fish in piquant sauce, and more.

For Lunch, Marrakesh offers a business menu. For the price of 55 NIS, one can enjoy an assortment of appetizers, and an entr?e of choice from a selection which includes couscous, tongue in mushrooms, meat in mushrooms, stuffed artichoke, fish cutlets, cooked fish, tilapia fish, salmon steak, spring chicken steak, chicken liver, merguez, or Moroccan cutlets. The business menu also includes a dessert of tea/coffee, ice cream, and Moroccan confiture.

The combination of the Moroccan decor, the hospitality, and the delicious dishes offered by Marrakesh restaurant, creates a perfect culinary experience. The restaurant is also available for hosting private events for up to 150 guests.

5 HaMelech David, Netanya