Jerusalem Fun at Nona

The Jerusalem restaurant-bar Nona is offering a lunch business special with a simple offer: order an entr?e - and for the same price, you will also get a first course and a drink. For evening patrons, another deal is available, offering 5% off on all menu items when ordering a first course and an entr?e.

The uniqueness of Nona, a neighborhood restaurant and bar in Jerusalem, begins with the name itself. It is named after the niece of Rami Cohen, the owner, and perhaps this says the most about the place itself: Nona is a neighborhood bar; the name emphasizes hospitality on a personal level, a homey atmosphere, warm, and intimate.

The light atmosphere kept at Nona changes according to the time of day and the varied clientele which frequents the restaurant. Lunchtime finds Nona serving businesspeople and families, with the underlying concept being a restaurant-bar. In the evenings, the bar picks up the tempo, with diverse music, and a younger crow looking for a good time. An exterior yard is available for hosting events for up to 70 guests. Nona also offers bar services and catering for events – professional bartenders for weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc.

Beyond the atmosphere, however, lies the food for which Nona is famous. Michal Rechalavski, Nona’s Chef, spent two years as a Sous Chef at Arcadia, honed her craft in New York City restaurants, and under her supervision, Nona runs a kosher meat and fish kitchen. The unique meat dishes offered include spring chicken salad, entrecote, and sirloin. The fish offerings include sea bream, trout, and European sea bass. The flagship dish is the Biryani rice – stir-fried rice in Szechwan sauce, with chicken and vegetables. On Fridays, Rami’s mom prepares home-style kibbeh soup, which attracts customers from all over the area.

Nona is offering its loyal customers business specials, as well. Nona’s lunch business menu starts at 12:00 noon and ends at 6:00 pm. During those hours, whoever orders and entr?e off the menu is given, at no extra charge, a choice of first course (single serving of green salad, roasted eggplant in tahini, or the soup of the day), a soft drink, or 1/3 draught Tuborg. The business specials range from 39 to 90 NIS. Among the entr?es offered: entrecote steak in garlic and herbs; sea bream fillet in a sauce of olive-oil, garlic, and cherry tomatoes, over a bed of couscous; trout fillet in a sauce of olive-oil and roasted peppers, over a bed of couscous; chicken steak with onion confiture or mint-lemonade sauce, and fries; entrecote strips, seared in a lemon-garlic sauce, and fries; sirloin strips saut?ed in garlic and herbs, and served with fries; biryani rice and pieces of chicken stir-fried with vegetables, apples, and raisins in Szechwan sauce; stir-fired noodles with chicken and vegetables in coconut milk; mini-kebabs with a home-style flavor, served with rice and tahini; and more.

Those who go out in the evening need not feel left out. The moment the lunch deal ends, the dinner business menu starts. From 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, whoever orders a first course and an entr?e from the menu, will receive 5% off on all orders (including desserts and drinks).

30 Aza, Jerusalem