Teperberg 2.0

Very few wineries in Israel can boast over 140 years of family tradition

Last week I attended a special event to mark the unveiling of the new wines and re-branding of the Teperberg Winery.

Very few wineries in Israel can boast over 140 years of family tradition. Established in 1870 by Ze’ev Zida Teperberg in the alley ways of the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem's Old City, this was one of the first (if not the first) commercial wineries in Israel. Today, 145 years later, owner and CEO Moti Teperberg is at the helm, continuing with the family tradition and realizing the vision of his great grandfathers.

I have written more than once about the quality revolution that the Teperberg Winery has experienced and how from a winery that was once known for wines that offered relatively little interest and grape juice used for sacramental purposes, it has been producing over the past few years excellent red and white wines across all price categories. Tperberg’s Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve were consistently good as was the Chardonnay Reserve and late harvest dessert wine that became a go-to dessert vino. While the quality of the wines was consistently improving under the leadership of head winemaker Shiki Rauchberger, Moti Teperberg and the marketing team felt that it was time to re-evaluate the winery’s brand and marketing strategy, while leveraging Teperberg’s unique position and rich history.

Moti Teperberg remarked “it is a very exciting move for us and after looking at our brand, we felt that we needed to create a marketing language that will share our unique story and 145 years of family tradition with our customers.”

Aside from a new logo and website, Teperberg is re-branding all of its wine labels and from now on, the Teperberg Vinos will be divided into four labels.

Vision – young, light and fruity “every day” wines, and at least for now the Vision label will consist of varietal red and white wines. ~NIS 35

Impression – this label will also consist of varietal red and white vinos, some of which will be oak aged for short periods (6 months) before being released to the market. ~NIS 45

Essence – a label consisting of “more serious” vinos, with the red wines aged for some 18 months. This seems to be a parallel to the former Reserve label and I personally hope that they will continue producing the Chardonnay as well. ~ NIS 100

Legacy – Teperberg’s flagship label will consist of several red vinos that have been carefully selected and tested for quality, aged for 18 months and according to the winery are expected to develop and mature nicely. The wines are also packaged in nicely designed boxes. Will be interesting to sample these wines in a few years and in the meantime, the Legacy vinos will make a nice holiday gift.