We went up 49 floors to the top of Azrieli Tower in Tel Aviv, where 2C, a kosher gourmet restaurant, resides

It was that time of the year again, when my start up guy and I get to celebrate both my birthday and our anniversary. Good enough reason for indulgence.

We went up 49 floors to the top of Azrieli Tower in Tel Aviv, where 2C, a kosher gourmet restaurant, resides. It is elegant and romantic, with plenty of softly lit space, massive wooden tables, wide glass windows, and relaxing music playing in the background. We took our sits and our faces were filled with amazement as the site of buildings and avenues of the beautiful city of Tel Aviv was revealed in front of us.

In spite of its classic design and precision, the atmosphere in TC is quite young and easy-going, as are many of its diners. The same combination of lightness and precision is illustrated in Chef Dimitry Ginsburg's food: classic dishes with a creative Mediterranean touch; fresh produce turned into pleasant surprises.

We took a few moments just to stare at the mesmerizing view, and then a few more just for the menu. Choosing our food was not an easy task, as we would have preferred to have it all. Finally we decided to start with goose liver stuffed in-between filo pages, in anise and calvados dressing, which is a sweet delicate thing. The liver cuts were moist and tasted delicious, while the filo pages were crunchy, contradicting the texture of the liver in an interesting way. We also had the butcher's shawarma that was served on Moroccan Frena bread in tahini and pine nuts – this is a colorful dish demonstrating how street food can be put to high standards. The shawarma cuts were hot, spreading wonderful smells, the kind that just makes you want to have more and more.

It was time for our main courses, and my startup guy ordered his grilled entrecote that was served over sliced potatoes in Madagascar pepper and tarragon, with garlic confit and mushrooms. It was done to perfection, and made my husband make sounds of joy, especially as he complimented every bite of meat with the crispy potatoes it was served with. As for me, I had the confit duck leg that was put on a bed of sweet potatoes gnocchi that had been stir-frying with smoked goose, mushrooms and spinach. It is a large, satisfying dish, whose ingredients harmonized with one another.

We finished with a beautiful, surprising dessert of halva parfait: halva mousse with roasted nuts and almonds on a bed of Valrhona chocolate and date cream brownies. 2C is a kosher restaurant, and its chef passes this test with flying colors.