Max Brenner

my chocolate addict kid couldn't believe I would ever, in a million years, agree to have a chocolate based meal

"You pick a restaurant," I told my 20-year-old kid. "You do realize this means Max Brenner, yeah?" my chocolate addict kid couldn't believe I would ever, in a million years, agree to have a chocolate based meal. But being an addict who frequented this chocolate bar, she kept up-to-date with the menu, which, as it turned out, also included real food and even a special night menu.
The night menu is served every night from 22:30 and for a good price too. A 1+1 offer is indeed a very attractive one. The menu itself is also very appealing, with simple, tasteful, generous entries, which are followed by a chocolate dessert, of course.

So we first raised a glass. Out of the alcohol collection we chose a pinkish white chocolate, berries, vodka and Crème de cassis drink in a glass cone with gummy bears on the side.

As we were celebrating, we ordered three large dishes. We started with a couple of salty warm waffles with chopped mushrooms in truffle oil, cheese melt and sunny-side-up egg. It took me a minute to get used to the unexpected salty taste of the waffle, but once that I did I was devoted to it. A wonderful shakshuka was served in a hot pan, made of hot spicy sauce enriched with cherry tomatoes, two lightly cooked eggs and soft feta cheese. But the winners were undoubtedly the fish and chips. Please let me try and explain the magnitude of this event: until that moment in time, my kid had never ever in her life touched let alone ate a fish. And there she was, sampling for the first time a crispy yellow piece of fish, dumpling it in a lemony sauce, enjoying every bite that followed.

We checked out the chocolate store which obviously offered Max Brenner items. The loaded shelves were a dream come true for my addict kid: hand-made pralines, truffles, and all types of chocolates and beautiful dishes. We just had to have dessert.

It was hard to agree on one thing to order, so we really liked the idea of sharing, which meant a platter with small samples of everything: mini waffles with caramelized bananas, whipped cream and hot chocolate sauce; crepe in chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream and chocolate drizzle; and a fondue with chocolate melt, sliced fruits, marshmallows and meringue cookies. The kid looked at me with a happy face. She will not forget this birthday.