Beaujolais & Tasting Room

Yup… is that time of the year again - “Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé!”

Yup… is that time of the year again - “Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé!” (The new Beaujolais has arrived!). Every year, on the third Thursday of the month of November, wine aficionados, vintners and winemakers across the globe celebrate a launching of the first wines from the recent vintage.

The wine receives its name from the Beaujolais province of France which is situated just north of Lyon. The Beaujolais Nouveau usually ranges from purple-pink in color and is a rather light weight wine, characterized by very refreshing and fruity aromas and flavors. These wines are intended for immediate consumption and should be served slightly chilled (similar to a white wine). Serving the wine chilled helps “smooth out the rough edges” which often characterize a young vino. Some Beaujolais vinos are better than others and the price varies quite a bit. When it comes to Beaujolais related festivities, my personal approach is to celebrate and enjoy in a casual environment with friends and not try to find the fanciest and most prestigious vino out there. Not all wine related experiences have to be taken so seriously and at the end of the day, good company, good food and a positive atmosphere are most important.

On the 20th and 21st of November Beaujolais events will be held at restaurants, wine stores and wineries across the country. Starting at 20:00 on Thursday the 20th all of the “Derech Hayain” stores will be serving Beaujolais wine and light refreshments. Yiftah’el Winery on the other hand will be launching their new vinos on Saturday the 22nd. The winery is situated in Alon Hagalil so if you happen to be up north, I am sure that the Ophir family will be happy to see you. The Sarona compound will also be holding Beaujolais events 19-21 November.

Apropos Sarona, I recently visited the new Tasting Room wine store and bar. Managed by the talented Ronnie Saslove who some may recognize as former winemaker (along with her father Barry)at the Saslove, the tasting room offers a wide array of local and imported wines with 40+ wines available by the glass. To be accurate, using a state of the art automated pouring system, visitors can order wine by the milliliter, allowing one to taste 3 or 4 wines while paying the equivalent of a glass. The Tasting Room will also be holding special events through November with “Kabalat Shabat” every Friday from 13:00 and special intimate sessions with wine consultant Moran Assor (16/11), Dr. Yair Margalit (26/11) from the Margalit Winery and more.