For my relaxing-on-her-chair friend – milk shake with mango, strawberry and pineapple

My new friend Merav and I just felt like having brunch that day. Soon enough we made our way to Yotvata restaurant on Tel Aviv's promenade. It has been here since 1987, ever since it first came from the Kibbutz, and now it includes a wide sitting area, where even diners who choose to sit inside can enjoy the beautiful sea scenery. Just in case, we picked a table outside, where we could also enjoy the sea breeze.

Looking at the menu we realized Yotvata offers many culinary options – soups, sandwiches, toasts, pizzas, pasta dishes, pastries and fish. It was hard to make decisions, but we eventually did.

We started with some wonderful shakes, which are the restaurant's specialty. For me – sweet and refreshing milk shake with pecan nuts, banana, melon and dates. For my relaxing-on-her-chair friend – milk shake with mango, strawberry and pineapple.

And then we got to the starters. Delicious breaded Haloumi cheese was served with a sweet chili sauce; baked salmon and cherry skewers were nice and crispy.
For mains, I should tell you about the Thai corner, because I believe it was the perfect choice: a stir-fried dish of egg noodles, vegetables, grilled peanuts, sesame and stir-fried nuts in sweet-spicy soy sauce. Undoubtedly, the assortment of tastes did a good job for me. Yotvata offers an entire Thai menu, with an interesting variety of dishes, which I find amazing.
We had to have one of Yotvata's famous salads That are served with a home-made roll and dips. The very name of the Cowboys' Salad (stir-fried sweet potato stripes in sweet chili with an assortment of nuts and peanuts, all laid on a bed of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, fresh mushrooms and Bulgarian cheese) was enough to get us ready for an adventure, and its taste lived up to our expectation.

If you happen to get here in the morning time, you should not miss out on the Israeli Breakfast, which is served per diner or 2 diners, while including many components: omelet / scrambled eggs / sunny side up or down; tuna salad or Greek salad; home-made rolls and butter and a selection of dips; white cheese, Bulgarian cheese and a home-made jam. All of this is served with a jog of freshly squeezed seasonal juice and a hot drink.

We were about to have enough, but could not skip the sweet corner on the menu: banana waffle, and maple sauce, whipped cream and 2 ice cream scoops. It was one of the most impressive desserts I have recently encountered.

Yotvata, as you recall, has a kosher branch in Azrieli Center, which is open on Sunday-Thursday, from 07:00-01:00. Both of the branches are available for private parties and business events including up to 100 / 200 guests. Enjoy.