Avazim is a mythological restaurant I have known ever since its early Tel Aviv days

At the Rishon Lezyon Yes Planet, the food court is separated from the movie theatres, so that you don't really have to go to the movies if your only desire is to get something to eat. Especially if just want to eat meat.

Avazim is a mythological restaurant I have known ever since its early Tel Aviv days. As soon as we sat down, we were immediately given 12 kinds of salads that were served with the wonderful utensil of crispy pita bread: cherry tomatoes in spice herbs, salsa, pickles and dill, red cabbage, fried eggplants, Turkish salad, kohlrabi salad, egg salad, beets, corn salad, Moroccan carrot salad – and they were all absolutely delicious. We then had a dish of hummus and minced kebab meat (NIS 35) that tasted just like the traditional old hummus I had remembered from the old restaurant – a perfect smooth and airy texture, just right for my pita bread.

We continued with a kebab skewer (NIS 25) that was not too greasy and accurately spiced, easily peeling out of the skewer. The following merguez sausages were perfectly done – scorched on the outside, not too soft on the inside. But then came the magnificent chateau entrecote (NIS 130) which is one of the Avazim's signature dishes. I can now say that I have had the pleasure of having a wonderfully soft entrecote topped with a pair of goose liver medallions, immersed in the great juices of meat.

Not that we had any more room left for desserts, still, we had one just the same. The coconut-pineapple (NIS 29) mousse was covering a pineapple layer, and a cake base underneath it. The coconut flakes as well as the fruit were dominant and refreshing – which was just what we needed after all the spicy meat we had had.

Too bad you can't sleep in restaurants.