Beer & Soccer

This is a good opportunity to share some updates on the local beer scene

Beer seems to be the beverage of choice for soccer fans the world over. Be it a room temperature Ale at a small British pub while watching the match on the telly, a budwiser or craft beer at an American soccer game or an ice cold Bohemia or Skol in Brazil, soccer fans just have to have their cold ones.
With the soccer world cup taking place in Brazil, I have seen several articles linking the beverage and the sport and learned that Brazil is also the third-largest beer producer, brewing more than 13 billion liters of beer in 2013. One article quoted a survey commissioned by brewing giant Ambev, the country’s largest beverage company dominating some 65%-70% of the local beer market. The surveyors asked Brazilians to list their national passions. 77% named football; 35% said beer!

This is a good opportunity to share some updates on the local beer scene: microbreweries are becoming more and more popular with some offering really excellent beers that can compete with some of the top brews in their category. Imports are also increasing, if not in quantity definitely in quality and the vast selection of beers brought in from all over the world. Some specific beers and places to look for are:

Pavo Brewery – if you plan on being in the area of Zichron Yaakov, make sure to add the Pavo Brewery to your list. A micro-brewery with 5 different styles of beer served on tap or in a bottle, an adjacent pub and good finger food make this an excellent place to watch a match during the world cup. Pavo offers special discount on match nights, 50% of the 2nd beer and 20% off the food menu.

Norman Premium – importer of some of my favorite beers, including Duvel, Chimay and Maredsous, Norman Premium is expanding their portfolio adding Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer. The company also offers some nice ciders and brew from the popular Brooklyn Brewery.

WineMarket - offers a special surprise beer case with an assortment of 24 beers (3 of each kind) for NIS 170. The selection will include both local as well as imported beers.

Y.D. – another major player in the beer import space,
Y.D. runs a special and very patriotic deal on beers hailing from countries which are playing on a given evening: Peroni (Italy); Grolsch (Holland); Becks (Germany); Estrella (Spain) as well as other beers from those countries. The beers are offered at special prices in bars throughout the country and Y.D. staff also visits bars and handing out scarfs, hats and banners of the playing teams.