Old Katamon Café

Old Katamon Café is hidden in-between the alleys of Jerusalem's Old Katamon neighborhood

Old Katamon Café is hidden in-between the alleys of Jerusalem's Old Katamon neighborhood. A small garden is surrounded by a fence that separates it from the outside. Some chairs and tables are scattered around it, but its main function is to lead guests inside the café. Here, in the brightly lit space, we got to get away for a little while.

We started with coffee, of course. It was really good and did not even need to be added sugar. Many customers were coming in and out but we managed to get a nice chat with the owners, who explained about the vegetarian concept which is also the way of living of every employee. They even insist on eggs that come from freedom farms. Of course, vegans can find many options here too.

Choosing from the menu was not easy. The huge variety of starters only got us more and more curious, and there was also a salads selection, changing quiches, home-made pasta dishes, oven baked pizzas, not to mention specials – but then we made up our minds. Crispy broccoli fingers and cheese were topped by caramelized red onion - a beautiful combination of crispiness and softness that was not overshadowed by the any excessive sweetness. We also had the quinoa and vegetables fritters that were served with refreshing goat milk yoghurt. And we finished the first part of our meal with some very rich and comforting zucchini soup.

Then it was time for main courses. The home-made whole wheat flower pasta was accurately cooked with colorful beat cubes, and rocket leaves added some green refreshing textures to it. We also had the Jerusalem style salad that was made of vegetables and hot chickpeas, hard-boiled egg and excellent tahini. It was served with amazing hot sourdough bread and whole grain bread.

We felt so healthy, we had to have dessert. I shall remember the home-made chocolate fondant with the thick chocolate pouring out of it and the ice cream scoop that gladly melted into it.

And that was a great finish for a long day.