Meat and Eat

This turned out to be a restaurant where anyone can visit

I was recently told about a Mehadrin Kosher meat restaurant located at the Tel Aviv Port. Although I had some doubts regarding the profitability and food quality of such an establishment, being a known carnivore, I had to check it out.

I am always fascinated by the lively Tel Aviv Port: even with the abundance of restaurants and bars scattered around, it still feels very spacious and breezy. A short walk along the esplanade got us to Meat and Eat restaurant. On the outside it looked like any other restaurant, with potential guests asking the hostess for a free table in vain, as she declares all tables are reserved. Fortunately, we did reserve a table in advance.

Unexpectedly, the place was not packed with members of the ultra-orthodox community; this turned out to be a restaurant where anyone can visit, after all. I even recognized one minister of foreign affairs from a foreign country.

Meat and Eat's menu is easy enough, with starters and mains detailed on one page. Other than the usual offers, there is a daily changing special, and so we enjoyed the beautifully decorated salmon gravlax that was served on a beet Carpaccio, not before we got to admire the rich lamb meat Lahmacun. These two were preceded by some home-baked bread which was served with tahini, olive oil, eggplants, grilled peppers and olives. Thank you very much.

My partner who adheres to the health trend ordered the quinoa salad. Although I do not believe one should have quinoa in a meat restaurant, I did try it, and it did turn out great: with hazel nuts, celery, beets, cranberries, pomegranate concentrate and parsley.

Main courses followed. Beef fillet for me, entrecote for the partner. Together with the Special Reserve Shiraz, which was the monthly selection, we got the most juicy, soft, precisely grilled experience. It was an absolute pleasure.

Before going back to breath some fresh sea air, we checked out at the dessert menu. Kosher non-dairy desserts are sometimes considered inferior. Nevertheless, the vanilla Malabi in a high glass with a pistachio layer, coconut and rose water syrup turned out to be authentic, industrial taste free.

So, no more excuses and prejudice. Go and have a bite at Meat and Eat.