NG Meat Bar

NG now offers a special light business lunch deal for a reasonable price

NG is a carnivore heaven. With huge entrecote steaks, juicy fillet cuts and a 1.2 KG porterhouse, meat lovers can fulfill their every dream. Of course, this is usually the kind of meal one needs to wash down with a drink or two, and of course, NG serves plenty of local beers and boutique wines. The only problem is that such large scale meals can wear one out, and quickly send satisfied diners to bed. As part of the solution to this terrible problem, NG now offers a special light business lunch deal for a reasonable price.

How is this operated? Financially speaking, for the price of a main course you get a first course, delicious house bread and a hot drink, plus a wine or beer discount option. On the culinary side, the idea is to give diners the opportunity to taste a wider selection of lighter dishes. Now one can find at this meat shrine main lunch courses such as salmon fish in wine, vegetarian portobello-risotto and even one vegan healthy dish of root vegetables, spinach and black lentils. As for the meat dishes, they are not too heavy themselves, still each dish is added with a twist. The same lightness goes for the first courses which are all based on vegetables – smoked beet capriccio, grilled eggplant in coriander and mint pesto, seasonal root salad, and of course, the mythological NG salad that has been served here since day 1 – a winning combination of green leaves mixture, scraped parmesan and sweet potato fries on top. If you still need some meat to start your meat meal, you can have, as did we, the evening menu's Delicatessen – cold entrecote slices and smoked Picanha, which are served with horseradish and a refreshing green leaves-radishes salad.

As mentioned, the NG lunch deal main courses have special concepts: homemade taboon bread with Picanha shawarma, rump steak with egg yolk and spinach, chicken breast rolled inside a vine leave with artichoke and more. Out of these we ordered the two that we thought were most interesting: the hamburger and the Lady Sirloin. And if you wonder what could be so interesting in a burger, you should ask my partner, who said he had never had such a burger in his life: 100% entrecote, not ground but chopped, served inside a Brioche, under a generous piece of Saint Maure.

My Lady Sirloin had me play a little game: two clean sirloin slices were lying on a hot plate, with their top side still rare. I had to flip them to continue the roasting process, until they were done perfectly for me. This is a nice trick, but I do think it was missed a little, due to a lemon sauce dominant taste that prevented the true meat taste from coming out. As much as I can relate to the innovation, I think in this case a classic wine or mustard or pepper sauce could have had a better result. Two side dishes came with our mains – a bowl of those sweet potato fries that we loved and bonfire grilled potato with a smoky taste and rustic presentation.

NG's business deal does not include dessert, so I settled for a cup of tea. My partner, on the other hand, couldn't resist a vanilla pie with amarena cherries, which was served with a homemade pistachio ice cream scoop on the side. Just one more treat before getting back to the office.