And then came the entrecotes and delivered their promise: large, juicy, and medium done, stripes on the outside and red on the inside

After years of living together, we have developed a similar taste. As we browsed through Edison's exceptionally diverse menu, we somehow targeted the same dishes. But before that, let me give you 60 seconds about culinary establishments in Ra'nana between the years 2000 and 2010. In fact, 60 seconds might be too much. Because with the exception of some cafes, this capital of the Sharon area has not offered during that decade any meaningful attractions for food lovers. And then entered Edison – big time. It is a large restaurant, with generous servings and a menu that did start out quite grill bary, but then made an adjustment to fit the local clientele and now offers a lot more. And so, alongside the restaurant's meat spécialité which we will soon discuss, the variety includes salads, fish and sea food, pastas, sushi and alcohol, while light pop music and a big screen for sports complete the picture. Soon, it is promised, a morning buffet will be offered on Friday mornings, which will include salads, hot dishes and all the beer you can have for only NIS55 per diner.

But we came here for the meat. When the waitress described Edison's entrecote, which was made in reduced wine sauce and some bone marrow on the side, we both wanted it. And what did we start with? After some consideration, we ordered 2 lamb meat based dishes: thin dough cigars which were served on a cherry tomato gazpacho for him, and a focaccia which was really a kind of rich meat pizza that could have easily served as a main course for more than one diner. Only I was alone at this, as my partner had his own cigars to deal with. Fortunately, it was a very likable pizza: crispy dough topped by a combination of grilled eggplants, tomato salsa, and minced lamb meat and spice herbs, with a sprinkle of tahini on top. One bite after the other, and it was finished.

And then came the entrecotes and delivered their promise: large, juicy, and medium done, stripes on the outside and red on the inside, with wine sauce that accented a clean meat flavor, almost clear of spices, and a bone marrow bonus.

All this mea got us craving for something sweet, chocolate please. A special layered cake of nut-chocolate, mascarpone cream and chocolate waffle on top for him, and the Edison treat for me – three frozen layers of nougat-bitter chocolate-white chocolate. This is Edison's cherry on the cake, said the waitress, and she was right. Those people in Ra'nana know what's good for them.