Of course, you can count on us to find one of the greatest spots in town at the last minute - Hamigdalor (The Lighthouse) in Old Jaffa.

After two amazing years, we were about to say our last goodbye to the city of Jaffa. Of course, you can count on us to find one of the greatest spots in town at the last minute - Hamigdalor (The Lighthouse) in Old Jaffa.

While we were packing everything in our apartment before the movers would come, we decided to take a break for a drink at Hamigdalor. The entrance was inviting and mysterious, its path lit with candles. As we were about to discover, Hamigdalor has been here for many years.

We passed the entrance candle path, and entered the restaurant-bar where we were faced with nice world music and specious chill-out corners, in an ancient house structure.

We took a sit at the bar, and started with a drink. For me – a piña colada cocktail with just a little bit of vodka, fruit schnapps and fresh fruit, old fashion style. My partner ordered the Orgasm cocktail, with some extra vodka.

Hamigdalor's menu is simple but indulging; everyone can find something here. There are pizza and pasta dishes, salads, toasts and many first courses. We started out with two Israeli authentic dishes – rolled vine leaves filled with rice and served with tahini, lemon and onion, and a giant eggplant served in a sauce of tahini and pomegranate grains that gave it a wonderful color and sour taste. With these we got some crispy pita bread that was toasted with olive oil and hyssop.

Hamigdalor offers a home-like atmosphere, and almost everyone coming in stop for a few minutes conversation with owner Bar (who chatted with us too). In fact it feels like everyone here knows everyone, almost as if they are visiting their family.

It was time for our main courses, and we were in a mood for something light. The Champignon toast was made of toasted focaccia, extra cheese and fresh champignon mushrooms, and served with fresh vegetables. We also got the cheese platter that comprised of 5 different kinds of cheeses – Gauda cheese, Bulgarian cheese, smoked cheese, cream cheese and Roquefort cheese. It too was served with fresh vegetables and oven baked focaccia. We had to have a glass of nice white wine.

To the Lighthouse

Hamigdalor it a place of simplicity, magic, authenticity, candles and kind service. I will be back for sure, even after I'm done packing. Also – if you are looking for somewhere to celebrate with friends or family – you are more than welcome to drop in and join the family. It is summer time, the porch is breezy and inviting. Have a good time!