99 Hayarkon

99 Hayarkon is one of its kind – kosher, high quality, carefully planned down to the last detail experience

I can see why some people might be under the impression that I have already been to every restaurant in Tel Aviv, but this could not be further than the truth. Just like many others, I only got to read about the wonderfulness of 99 Hayarkon restaurant in Dan Hotel. Fortunately, I finally got the opportunity to eat there with my new husband as we celebrated our first month anniversary.

Located inside the hotel, 99 Hayarkon offers a quiet intimate foreign atmosphere. For 3 years, it has been serving classic with Mediterranean influences dishes, all made of high quality produce.

One minute before we put in our order, the waiter got us started with a crepe suzette stuffed with organic duck meat, just so that we know many good things are about to come our way. We then ordered two first courses. For him – a perfectly thin sliced beef Carpaccio, which was laid in a barbeque sauce with onions, arugula and lemon. My dish will probably be remembered for a while: 3 crispy French sable cookies filled with foie gras, mango and berries. When I first looked at them I thought of soft, tender macaroons. As it was so beautifully served, it took me a few minutes to even dare damaging it with my fork. All dishes were served in porcelain plates, silver cutlery and crystal glasses that were changed at least five times throughout our meal.

Just to take it up a notch, we ordered a glass of chardonnay. In the quiet restaurant, every table had its own separate spot. Incredibly slow tasteful magical bites of food made the entire evening feel as though it was going in slow motion.

Our main courses were chosen carefully. My spouse ordered the steamed grouper that was soft and spiced adequately, wrapped by thin zucchini slices over almond aioli, asparagus and pea puree. As for me, I love steaks so much, that in spite of the rest of the tempting courses the restaurant had to offer, I enjoyed the beef fillet that was cooked on a pen with bone marrow and port wine, and served with green beans and mashed potatoes. I was totally devoted to it.

After another glass of wine, red this time, we were smiling with anticipation. A soup of strawberries with vanilla meringue was impressive, colorful and rich. 99 Hayarkon is one of its kind – kosher, high quality, carefully planned down to the last detail experience.