Jerusalem Light Festival

Jerusalem will hold its fifth annual Light Festival on June 5-13, 2013. We at 2eat added special offers in restaurants

Jerusalem will hold its fifth annual Light Festival on June 5-13, 2013. During the festival (which is also celebrated in some form or another in other countries) three marked routs in the ancient quarter – white, green and blue – will allow visitors to admire local and global art works, appreciate light performances, 3D art displays and impressive video art screened on ancient buildings and walls. We at 2eat added special offers in restaurants, so that on June 5-13, between 17:00-20:00, you will also be able to enjoy special menus.

Little Italy is a kosher restaurant offering Italian-Mediterranean organic food. During the festival it will offer a NIS 88 / 118 deal of first + main course + wine / beer. On the menu: homemade gnocchi in tomato sauce, garden peas and artichoke; roasted spring chicken with a wheat and peppers stew; fish fillet in parsley vinaigrette.

La Boca is Chef Guy Kimhi's Latin restaurant that also offers a nice rest in this hectic city. Here patrons will be invited for a NIS 118 deal of one first course, one main course and dessert. On the menu: chicken enchiladas with peppers and shallots in Mexican sauce; chili con carne on a bed of rice; spring chicken in coconut milk and Brazilian salsa.

Kadosh, a well-known bakery shop and café in Jerusalem is one of the most recommended establishments in the city – for a visit during the days this festival and as well as all year long. This warm place, home for many regular clients, also offers baking courses.

Polly serves Italian food with a modern touch. For NIS 88 / 118 you can get here a first and main course + dessert: root salad, goat cheese salad, stuffed mushrooms, red tuna, soufflé, ice cream and others.

These days, The Israel Festival is also held in the city. If you happen to get a meal at any of the restaurants listed below, take a picture, put it on our facebook wall and join our contest.