While Meatos refers to meat, it also refers to myth

Usually I tell you some kind of a story. It could be about Israel and Turkey international relations, or about my desire to feel like a tourist in my own home. This time, since we are talking about Meatos, I will not tell you a story. And it's not that I don't have one, because I do, it's just that I want to start with something else.

I want us to talk about the name of this restaurant. In Hebrew it has a double meaning. While Meatos refers to meat, it also refers to myth. And one has to be quite courageous to give their restaurant this title. In fact, having visited there, I can honestly say that Kobi Abed, chef and owner, should have no fear.

Meatos is a kosher restaurant, but this does not mean anything bad. A kitchen has two ways of treating this – kosher food can be limiting but also challenging – and the restaurant's choice will reflect on the food quality, of course. Meatos restaurant has made a decision to serve good food and this they do. We started our meal with cauliflower tapas, which was deep-fried with tempura and barbeque sauce, grouper Carpaccio on mini toasts that was great, herb and nut salad, Asian root salad, house bread with dips and the star of our first courses – goose liver Carpaccio.

We had with our first courses the Recanati special edition, which escorted them well. About the wine at Meatos – the restaurant has a long wine list, which we were wondering about. The waiter explained that every staff member at the restaurant goes through two wine trainings, and that the restaurant that does not have a sommelier wins many competitions.

All this wine talk, as well as the wine in itself, got us very hungry, as the table was mounted with main courses - chicken yakitori with teriyaki sauce that might sound mundane was really delicately made. The lamb kebab came with tahini sauce and was accurately done, and the best dish yet – the steak duet, one of Meatos' specials. This is an entrecote steak lying on a beautiful goose liver. It was so delicious the port sauce coming with it was not really necessary, although it does compliment it. With our main courses we got the potato puree, which was so delicious I wanted to take it home.

Surprisingly enough (well, if you ever got to read one of my pieces you probably know this is hardly a surprise) we still had room for dessert. My beautiful lady was responsible for this part, and she ordered the chocolate blintzes that were put on caramelized bananas, and a glass filled with strawberries on sorbet. They were both sweet and sent us home happy.