Morning at Café Noir

Let's just say the jealous comments on my Instagram were a nice addition for this dish

I really love Tel Aviv. I moved here from Haifa, and although I have strong feelings for it too, Tel Aviv is my home now. I wander through the streets, my beautiful hidden places. We love to feel some things are ours alone.

Other times we want something else; we want to walk the streets of the city for the first time. Last Thursday morning, I wanted, just for a little while, to be a tourist in Tel Aviv. I wanted to take a hotel room, do the tourist attractions and go back home filled with new experiences. But since I wasn't really on vacation, I just took a friend for breakfast at Café Noir.

True, the tourist thing to do at Café Noir is to have the Schnitzel for lunch, but we came here for breakfast before work. Our nice waiter Amir took us for tourists right away, and got us started with 2 cocktails. Campari arancio for my friend, and Kir royal for me.

Café Noir's most popular breakfast is the Israeli breakfast, but we wanted to do something different. So we ordered 2 poached eggs variations: salmon, asparagus and hollandaise sauce on a Challah toast (NIS42) for my friend, and for me - bacon, grilled tomato, Portobello and asparagus on corn bread, in a beautiful hollandaise sauce (NIS46). Do I need to tell you how good these were? Can you imagine our clean plates? Let's just say the jealous comments on my Instagram were a nice addition for this dish.

You can't have breakfast without dessert, and so we asked Amir to surprise us. He gracefully accepted the challenge, presenting us with a poppy seed cake (NIS30). We were a little skeptic - No chocolate? But the combination of perfect dough with not-too-sweet whipped cream got us fighting over it. We finished with some coffee. We would have stayed longer, if we didn't have to go to work. It's nice being a tourist.