Fusion Winery and Special Events

Fusion is “still kicking” and constantly diversifying their portfolio with interesting and for the most part, good wines offered at reasonable prices

I first sampled Fusion's offerings a few years ago, tasting a couple of concentrated Australian Shiraz based wines from the 2005 vintage and another from Spain, relying on Tempranillo and Garnacha. The launch event was held at the Maraboo restaurant in Ramat Gan and while I enjoyed the wines, I couldn’t help but think if this was only a marketing gimmick or, is this a serious and sustainable project. After speaking with some of the people involved, it was evident that they are taking it very seriously and it is good to see that Fusion is “still kicking” and constantly diversifying their portfolio with interesting and for the most part, good wines offered at reasonable prices.

Over the past few years there have been many discussions advocating both for and against the changes brought to us by the process of globalization. While this trend offers a plethora of new opportunities – turning the world into a “global village”, every major change requires time, and inevitably, takes its toll. The Fusion Global Winery is the story of wine enthusiasts who decided to seize this opportunity, and translate the “global village” into a “global winery” – disregarding physical borders and offering wines from various wine regions around the world.

Winemaker Doron Yitzchaki chooses a wine region and grape variety from which he would like to produce wine. He then studies the region, generating a list of the top local wineries with collaboration potential. Yitzchaki visits these wineries and, after sampling the wines, purchases the best barrels he can get his hands on. He then continues to age the wine and creates the final blend. The three reds that I sampled at the time were joined by two aromatic white vinos, a Riesling from Germany and a Gewurtz from Alsace and after recently touching base with Yizchaki, I can tell you that he still has a few surprises in the pipeline.

As the weather warms up, I recommend drinking more and more chilled white wines and both Fusion’s Riesling as well as the Gewurtz are well worth a try.

Fusion Global Winery, Gewurztraminer, 2011 – a semi-dry white wine from Alsace, France. 100% Gewurtz blended from grapes originating from three different plots. The wine opens nicely to suggest generous aromas and flavors of tropical fruits, candied apricots, ginger, honeysuckle and a touch of warm spices leading to a pleasant finish.

Special Events

Fusion Wine & Smoked Dishes in Binyamina

On April 25th the Fusion Winery is partnering with the Dor-On family of the Farmer’s Yard- Asambia in Binyamina and hosting a special and tasty evening dedicated to various smoked dishes and wine pairing. The evening will include explanations and guided wine tastings with winemaker Doron Yizchaki as well a discussion and tips on how to smoke your meats and vegetables with Hagai Ben Asher. Guests can choose from two seating options - 18:30 or 21:30 with all dishes selling for NIS 30 and Fusion Wines offered at reduced prices. For reservations call - 054-5726549. Enjoy!

White on The Marina

On the 8th and 9th of May, the Herzliya Marina will host the 5th annual wine and cheese festival simply titled “White”. The event is organized by Israel’s Wine & Gourmet Magazine, Haim Gan of Yaffo’s Grape Man and the Herzliya Municipality. The event features imported wines as well as wineries of varying sizes and styles from across the country, focusing primarily on chilled white, rose and sparkling vinos. (starts at 18:00, tickets NIS 65 or NIS 49 when ordering in advance.