+ Wine Seven Two

Yonatan Sternberg participated in the kosher wine event that was held at Binyanei Ha’Uma in Jerusalem

After a very successful premiere in 2012, the second annual + Wine Seven Two kosher wine event was held at Binyanei Ha’Uma in Jerusalem. The event featured some thirty five Israeli wineries of various sizes and styles, from across the country including: Golan Heights, Tulip, Carmel, Yatir, Adir, Barkan, Saslove (kosher as of 2010), Tavor, Yaffo Wineries, Segal, Galil Mountain, Alexander, 1848, Domaine Ventura, Recanati, Ruth and others.

Visitors had an opportunity to participate in various seminars and presentations related to the culinary and wine world. Chefs Aviv Moshe of Messa, Chef Segev Moshe of Segev and Chef Shaul Ben Aderet of Kimmel, ran various cooking and “cooking with wine” workshops and provideג some personal insights on this topic. Remember the rule of thumb – do not cook with a wine that you would not drink. Not to say that one should always cook with a NIS 80-100 bottle of wine, but at least use a bottle that is palatable. Some people think that if a bottle of wine had been openקג in the refrigerator for two weeks it should be used for cooking. My suggestion would be to pour it down the sink and open a new bottle. It may cost you a few shekels more, but the dish will definitely come out better.

Organizer A. Pupe which is situated in the rather orthodox Sanhedria neighborhood, is among the top kosher wine stores in the country and after undergoing massive renovations in recent years, the shop has been a growing draw for those searching for premium wine and other alcoholic beverages (all kosher of course). From my personal experience, the orthodox and ultra orthodox communities have been showing an increasing interest in quality kosher wines. Wine is not viewed only as a beverage used for sacramental purposes but many see a good bottle of wine as an integral part of every holiday or Shabbat meal.

While I gave up trying to take proper tasting notes at wine festivals a long time ago, I still try to write down general notes and impressions in order to go back to my favorite wines and taste them properly. One wine that is definitely worth a try and if you are a fan of the genre, it is probably worth picking up a few bottles as well, is the Carmel, Single Vineyard, Kayoumi, Riesling, 2011 - 100% Johannesburg Riesling grapes from the renowned Kayoumi vineyard situated in the Upper Galilee, this is one of the best Israeli Rieslings I have tried in a very long time.

While there is no connection to this event, another wine shop with an interesting twist is situated in the Romema neighborhood in Jerusalem and goes by the name Bordeaux. Owned and managed by a Belz Hassid by the name of Aharon, Bordeaux is a wine store, delicatessen (try the herring and challah brought in specially from Bnei Brak) and even serves cholent on Thursday nights.