NG Meat Bar

NG celebrates these days 10 years of business

It seems as though the meat innovation arrived in Tel Aviv just yesterday, but in fact NG celebrates these days 10 years of business. For this occasion, NG Meat Bar invites its customer club members for a changing monthly benefit. This month, all you can have spiced wine is offered for NIS30. Club membership does not entail any commitment or cost.

NG Meat Bar in Neve Tzedek

NG Meat Bar in Neve Tzedek, which is named after a mystery woman spotted in a New York bar many years ago, was opened in Neve Tzedek in 2003, and ever since then has been considered one of the top meat restaurants in Israel by many visitors and critics. The restaurant concentrates on meat, of course, with a renowned flag dish of thick, luxurious 1.5-5 kg porterhouse steak cut. In fact you can find here any kind of available meat: sirloin heifer, lamb T-bone, butcher's cut, local escargots, rabbits, ducks, gooses, lambs, and anything else that comes to mind. NG Meat Bar also offers an impressive wine list and local beers. NG encourages its patrons to bring their own wine, and on Sundays doesn't even charge corkage fee. In agreement with Neve Tzedek's picturesque atmosphere, this small romantic restaurant plays only 1960-70s music, which makes this an extraordinary experience.


With NG's sharing concept, guests can share special meat cuts served to the center of the table (make sure you reserve this in advance) and here are a few examples: 6 kg prime rib which is recommended for 6-8 diners, a 5-6 kg piglet that was soaked in calavados, honey and apples, 2 kg crispy roasted duck in Spanish paprika and fresh mint coating, recommended for a dinner for 3.

And: Barbarian Dinner

This is an interesting experience where diners get their hands dirty, as cutlery and plates are not allowed. Guests sitting around a big knights table feast on huge chunks of meat by hands. This unique Barbarian dinner starts with huge bread loafs, huge lettuce heads, oxtails in wine and chestnuts. The real experience includes rabbits, roasted ducks, pigs in maple and apples, lamb thighs and a bleeding fillet cut. All of this is followed by wine jugs and bottomless beer. Again, be sure to make a special reservation before coming in.

If you have not tried this restaurant yet, you shouldn't worry too much, as it has been here for the past 10 years, and is probably about to stay. Nevertheless, just so that you don't miss out on anything, get a table now.