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Stuart Shils Exhibition, What Time Has Not Lost, 29/12-23/2, Rothschild Fine Art Gallery

Rothschild Fine Art Gallery is proud to host an exhibition of oil paintings and photographs by American artist Stuart Shlis.

Shlis was born in Philadelphia and for more than 30 years has been painting based on outdoor observation or through windows.

The paintings in the What Time Has Not Lost exhibition do not depict still lifes or landscapes, like Shlis' previous exhibitions. Rather, they refer to the mood, state of mind and personal experience produced by the places. The paintings are influenced by architecture and landscapes, yet they were painted in a studio, without observing the objects. These are memories that were filtered over the years, and represent purified and refined pieces of memories.

Unlike past exhibitions, in this exhibition the names of the paintings are a central theme, since they suggest a visual narrative related to the painting to the viewer.

Over the past five years Shlis has been photographing a lot, not in order to "copy" but rather in order to sharpen his visual curiosity. The photographs actively accompany the painting, and they impact on one another.

A table at the center of the gallery will be covered with photographs and will enable visitors to browse through them and peek into the world of the painter behind the lens.

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