Black Bar & Burger

f you are looking for a HAMBURGER, this is definitely the real thing

Traditionally, the Malha Mall in Jerusalem is not known for its interesting culinary options. Eating out at the mall usually includes grabbing something to eat at the fast food court or having a salad and/or pasta at one of the branded cafes. A couple of local Jerusalemites who saw a need for a good, meat place in the mall, decided to join forces and open a kosher branch of the Black Bar & Burger chain.

Established several years ago by Chef Tzahi Bukshester and partners, Black Bar & Burger is an upscale burger joint with several locations across the country. The décor and menu are usually similar among black locations with the Malha mall branch adjasted a bit to fit the setting of the mall. Situated on the 3rd floor, basically above the food court and where the late Korrusin operated for many years, Black at Malha still offers the same selection of burgers and dishes that can be found in most of the chains outlets. The décor and color scheme however are much brighter and inviting compared to some of the Black Bar & Burgers that I have visited with the traditional bright red still present. The Malha branch also offers a gluten free option with many of the dishes.

My girlfriend and I ordered the dinner for two special which consists of 1 first course, 2 mains and 1 dessert, all for NIS 179. For the first course we tasted the grilled sausages with a Mexican corn salad which was ok and went well with a cold glass of beer. We also tried some tasty chicken wings in a sweet and spicy chilly glaze that were devoured in no time. Don’t be deterred by the various dishes on the menu, the burgers at the Black are considered the house specialty. If you are looking for a HAMBURGER, this is definitely the real thing. If you fancy the Twiggy (160 gr.), Schwarzenegger (220 gr.), Yokuzuna (330 gr.) or one of the special burgers on the menu, from what I have tasted all are very good. We ordered the classic Yokuzuna - 330 gr. of juicy red meat grilled to perfection, served on top of a fresh roll with an assortment of vegetables and condiments on the side. The second main is coined Meh-burger – a potent and succulent lamb burger served with a dash of tehina and chili sauce – a cross between the Middle Eastern Kebab and the American burger which is well worth the try. On my last visit to Black Bar & Burger I tasted the Three Tenors consisting of three mini burgers – classic, chicken and a spinach+ beef+ walnut burger that was surprisingly tasty – this is a great opportunity to sample several of burgers in one sitting.

If you are wondering about the booze - the wine menu at the Black is bit limited but a good assortment of beer, delicious cocktails, liquors and various whiskey options is more than enough to make sure that no one will go home thirsty.

Next time you are out shopping, or better yet if you are unwillingly dragged to the mall and feel like you need a good burger or drink, take the escalator up to the 3rd floor and pull up a stool at the Black Bar & Burger.