The 2012 Piano Festival

The 2012 Piano Festival: 7/11-11/11, The Suzanne Dellal Center

The Piano Festival will take place for the 14th year, hosting a range of 150 various artists, performers and musicians which will perform during four days in four auditoriums. The festival’s celebrative closing act will take place on the last day of the festival in the Noga Auditorium in Jaffa.

Special productions

The Festival’s Tribute Act - the 30th anniversary of Ilan Virtzberg’s album, Bazir Tov (Great Harvest), accompanied by a super-group which assembled especially for the project, featuring: Daniel Salomon, Eran Zur, Dana Adini and Yermi Kaplan.

Special acts and encounters

Mosh Ben Ari with Spanish Flamenco artists, Miri Mesika with Kobi Aflalo, Arkadi Duchin and Yahli Sobol in a shared concert; Danny Sanderson’s acoustic performance celebrating his 50 years’ long musical career and the 30th anniversary of his first solo album, “Begodel Tivi” (In Natural Size); Erik Berman and Rona Kenan with covers for Nick Cave; Netanella and Linoy Akala; Yonatan Gefen and Danny Litani; Shlomo Gronich and Red Band; Ronit Shachar with Roni Dalumi; Ram Orion with Roger Alper; Seffy Efrati and Eyal Even Zur; 1:1 with Rami Heuberger; Yermi Kaplan and Ahuva Ozeri; Idan Haviv and Erez Lev Ari; The Dr. Kasper Rabbit Show with Noam Rotem; Beit HaBubot with Alma Zohar; Yair Cohen Aharonov with Dana Berger; Amir Dadon with Guri Alfi; Sheila Ferber and Maya Balzitzman and Einav Jackson playing songs from “Casit”.


Shlomi Shaban and the piano 2012 – featuring songs from all his albums and glimpses of his forthcoming album; Ninet – the English acoustic album and glimpses of her new Hebrew album; Sivan Talmor introducing her intriguing first album; Maayan Hirschberg with a premiere performance of songs from her second album; Mika Karni and Arnon Zadok with “A Tractate on the Song of Songs”; “A cloud on a stick” a new children’s album and act with lyrics by Rinat Hoper.

Saturday Morning – the second year of the Piano Festival’s Children Acts

Matilé – Matti Caspi in a children’s act; “The Oranges” – Arik Einstein’s songs in a family-friendly performance; “Cloud on a stick” – a new album and act with lyrics by Rinat Hoper, preformed by Yarden Bar Kochva, Idan Alterman, Didi Shahar and Tal Blecharovitz.

Every night, the Suzanne Dellal Center will feature shows open to the general public (subject to the weather).

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