La Provincial

To avoid fighting the traffic to Tel Aviv, we decide to try the recently opened La Provincial in G'ea Moshav, nearby Ashkelon

The holiday feasts are behind us, and soon we will have to return to our strict diet, which is mainly composed of boring salads. But tonight is our night off, so we go out to one last restaurant. To avoid fighting the traffic to Tel Aviv, we decide to try the recently opened La Provincial in G'ea Moshav, nearby Ashkelon.

The road leading towards the restaurant goes through the Moshav, you should pay attention to the sign pointing to it, once you get in. As expected, there is a huge parking area, and in the front yard you can hear the sound of little birds twittering. We find our sits in the designed area inside.

Chef and owner Anthon is an energetic young man who planned and built the restaurant all by himself, minding every small detail – service, menu and alcohol selection. Anthon is devoted to meat. Under his supervision, the fresh beef goes through a 3-week dry-aging process in a dedicated refrigerator. The restaurant is not kosher, and Anthon uses his knowledge and experience in the field to produce the best out of the meat that he purchases. Soon, we hear, additional items will be added to the menu, rumors mention something about a seafood plate for 2 that will include lobster.

La Provincial's menu is classic, with special items that emphasize the produce quality. We start with Carpaccio (NIS34): 7 rolls filled with micro-leaves lay on a plate decorated with cream fresh-wasabi. With every bite, I can taste the high quality of the meat, as well as the hinted spiciness, and the good combination of tastes. Wasabi lovers will enjoy this one for sure. Our second order is the crispy shrimps (NIS38): 7 large shrimps served on a plate decorated with balsamic-truffle sauce, with an interesting vegetable salad: tomatoes, pickled lemon, red onion, green onion and sprouts. We also have the house wine that was brought straight from Klil Moshav in the western part of the Negev area – light and excellent.

On our main courses we focus on the meat section: lamb chops (NIS119) – 5 of them, all together 300 grams of meat, in a crust of spices, laying on a cherry tomato confiture (don't forget to eat the tomatoes) and chili. It was cooked to a medium level, and the combination of high quality meat, salty crust and sweet confiture is amazing. While we fight over the fifth lamb chop, comes the restaurant's signature dish – Fillet Rossini (NIS129): 2 thick fillet medallions, covered with fresh foie gras, burnt on a pan and served in red wine. While I claim the combination of tastes is a winner, my partner still insists this serving should be divided into 2: one great steak and a wonderful foie gras for dessert. Well, she has one whole stomach dedicated for desserts only.

Speaking of desserts, we take a time out and then order the 2-floored crème brulee (NIS32): 2 pieces of crème brulee, with filo dough in-between, just what we need with our coffee. Somehow, the way out to the car feels a lot longer than the way in. Maybe it's because we're busy fantasizing about the day we'll come back, when the lobster will wait on our table.