Group Exhibition

Non Childhood (Island Childhood)Group Exhibition - Zaritsky Artists House 4/10-28/10

Curators: Dalia Danon & Nir Hermat

Artists: Osnat Rabinowitz | Hadar Morag | Tova Lotan | Yehudit Metzkel | Lior Fattal | Michal Halavin | Michal Sheizaf | Mali de Calo | Nadav Weismann | Noa Ben Nun | Nurit Yarden | Anat Michaelis Levy | Shully Bar Navon

The exhibition presents the works of 13 artists working in a variety of mediums. The works examine the concept of childhood, deconstruct it and formulate points of view that reflect one another. The exhibition examines the buffer between a childhood "island" that serves as a naïve, protective and innocent place enabling a nostalgic and safe refuge, and the significance of the word (in Hebrew) as a negative, i.e. non-childhood: children who were denied a childhood for a variety of reasons: political, economic, social and sexual. Children who are exploited by various mechanisms of power that create warped childhoods that objectify them and take advantage of them.

The works in this exhibition depict situations in between these two places, and present a complex and multi-faceted reality that involves these two extremes. The artistic pursuit and engagement of childhood enables to longingly return, for just a moment, to a reality that was lost and to hold on to it until it evaporates once again.

One of the key quotes from The Child Dreams play by Hanoch Levin: "The most important thing is not to wake the child" – when the child finally stirs, he wakes up to a circus performance whose stars are death, disrespect for human life and humiliation in a bitter circus environment. However, he is enchanted by it and attracted to the performance. These two possible interpretations describe many of the works in the exhibition: at first glance they are innocent, playful and childish, and at second glance they are critical, mournful of a childhood that was lost.

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