Group Exhibition

I am an Other, Israeli Jewelry 6, 10/6-20/11, Eretz Israel Museum

Curator: Nirit Nelson

Participants: Meirav Oster Rott, Michal Oren, Biance Eshel Gershuni, Ella Bower, Vered Babai, Yakov Bloch, Shirley Bar-Ometz, Naama Berman, Tal Gur, Lana Dubinsky, Nirit Dekel, Ada Vardimon Godenson, Noga Hadad, Dana Hakim, Eti Chen, Doron Taubenfeld, Micha Yechieli, Shachar Cohen, Tehila Levy-Hindman, Hadas Levin, Gregory Larin, Leoni Pilpot, Einat Primo, Gad Cherny, Yakov Kaufman, Ilan Kpren, Vered Kaminsky, Ester Canobal, Doron Rabina, Reddish (Naama Steinbok and Eidan Friedman), Galia Rosenfeld, Koby Rott, Yafiya Rosk, Sivan Shoshan, Deganit Stern Shoken

The sixth exhibition dedicated to Israeli jewelry making focuses on the perception of "the other self" (or alter ego). The concept (and name of the exhibition) is a point of departure, and exists in each one of the pieces displayed in the exhibition. It was born through a process of dialogue with the artists, during which numerous discussion were held about its use in fields related to culture, psychology, biology, philosophy and economics, that inspired the exhibition's participants to confront the subject from various points of view, exposing its different perspectives on culture and based on a meaningful gaze inward and willingness to examine the question of how it is possible to expose something of the "self" in the object.

The thirty five artists participating in the exhibit set out on a journey that yielded diverse expressions: skilled and brilliant jewelry-makers used to meticulous work chose to free themselves of the constraints and make room for expression; some artists chose to use organic materials; others turned to figurative creation giving human form to the expression "the other self," while still others chose the abstract to convey biographical moments. Some artists preferred the multitude so as not to direct the spotlight of "the other self" idea on a single item, while others preferred simplification and catharsis.

It seems that the majority of Israeli jewelry-makers do not wear the jewelry they create, and some wear no jewelry at all. For this exhibit they created jewelry especially for themselves, and which they are photographed wearing in the exhibition's catalog (photographed by Uri Gershuni).

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