Loving Art – Making Art

Every year, the Tel Aviv Municipality’s Culture and Arts Division, in collaboration with art groups active in the city, mark the opening of the art season in the city in an event entitled “Loving Art – Making Art”

Over the weekend (6 to 8 of September), numerous and diverse art events are held in museums, galleries, public spaces, as well as in dozens of artist studios operating throughout the city. In particular, on Thursday evening, the 6th of September, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and other museums as well as galleries, will be open until 11:00 PM. On Friday and Saturday the public will be able to visit artist studios located throughout the city.

This year several projects were selected that represent different approaches to curatorship, and are held in interesting locations with special meaning:

Field City: Visitors Center exhibition: (Curator: Leah Abir) sums up a long artistic and research process named Field City that deals with urban and public affairs and with artistic creation in the public space. Public affairs as a value, method and concept, serves as a joint point of departure for artists, poets, musicians and activists, who will exhibit together in two locations in Tel Aviv - Jaffa: one on the roof of Gan Ha'ir next to the hall in which the City Council convenes, and the other in the Arab – Hebrew Theatre in old Jaffa.

Something's happening on Abulafia street (Curator: Ravit Harari). A street exhibition, openings of galleries, performances and more represent the area with the highest volume of artistic activities in the city – Bezalel Art Academy's Advanced Studies program, a growing number of galleries, residences and studios of numerous artists, are all expressions of the economic and urban processes that are changing the face of the city.

An exhibition that will bring life to the abandoned underground passage in Allenby street in Tel Aviv – Monkeys Nine People (Curator: Liz Hajaj) seeks to take the world of creation out of the sterile gallery space and into the everyday public space of the city. The exhibition includes 40 works by different artists.

Another project is entitled Space Shuttle (Curator: Hila Cohen Shneidman) focusing on the private space – the artist's studio that still serves as the work space of many contemporary artists despite the changes in their work patterns and environments.

Serving as a link between the many events - some initiated by the Culture and Arts division and others initiated independently by artists, curators and various galleries - that will be held in the city over the weekend, will be the Art Tours project (Curators: Hadas Keidar and Roy Fabian) – guided tours, along several routes of different types of art sites, with an emphasis on experimental art. The tours will include 4 – 5 different centers, including: work spaces, street art, galleries and independent initiatives by artists. On the tours we'll meet the artists who will explain their work processes and focus on the connection between their environment and their art.

A performance by Daniel Landau created especially for the event will deal with the city's immigrant community. The Choreographers' Association, that blends the rich activities in the field, will take part in various locations and activities.