Solo Erez Baruch Exhibition

Solo Erez Baruch Exhibition / Self Portrait 9/8-1/9 Zaritsky Artists House

Erez Baruch's self-portrait is painted in the studio landscape. His paintings deal with the human image, and serve as foundations for a self-portrait. The artist, engaged in the creative process, is seen peering from these colorful and expressive works. The paintings depict figurative images immersed in pastel colors, leaking paint and powerful and liberated brush strokes. Most of the works are anchored to the studio that serves as inspiration and a point of departure. Each painting begins with a live model, brush strokes and patches of color, out of which the abstract and figurative parts of the work grow.

Erez Baruch's exhibition displays multicolored paintings, with rhythmic, intensive and free brush strokes, placed on the exposed white canvas. Baruch's paintings are based on internal observation into the depth of the soul linked to secret and hidden provinces. The new reality that is created on his canvases positions him as a colorist giving freedom to shapes and colors, preserving the typical and unique handwriting of his works, and serving as a direct tool for self-expression.

Address: 9 Elcharizi St., Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-5246685

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