Dinner Business Menu at Ranch House Bar Burger

Who said that business specials had to be offered only at lunchtime? Ranch House Bar Burger in Eilat is offering you a full meal, including a first course of choice from the menu, your choice of entr?e, a dessert, and a glass of the house wine for only 120 NIS. Going out to eat in Eilat has just been made worth your while (and money).

The concept of the business menu, so we have grown accustomed to believing, is that such a meal is mainly suitable for the lunch hours. During lunchtime, we are usually at work, and sometimes off to a business meeting. What could be better than combing the two and eating a meal at a lower rate and as part of your work schedule? But it turns out that business menus can apply to dinnertime, as well. They don’t have to be work-related, either – they can be a good deal offered to you during your leisurely hours. Such is the business meal of Ranch House Bar Burger in Eilat.

Ranch House Burger Bar is a meat-house restaurant, offering fine aged meats, in addition to special salads with an assortment of dressings prepared by the chef. The restaurant also caters takes the vegetarian public into consideration, with such items as the vegetarian hamburger, and also offers a children’s menu of high quality. The establishment is kosher but you will not be spared your desserts, as fruit-based dishes and a selection of house-cakes are served.

The business menu is simple and worthwhile: a first course of choice from the menu or a serving of goulash soup, and entr?e of choice from the menu, a dessert of choice from the menu, and a glass of the house wine – all for 120 NIS per customer.
The Business menu is valid Sundays – Thursdays, 7pm – 11pm.

First Courses Offered:
House Salad – Iceberg lettuce, romaine lettue, tomatoes, chives, red onions, carrot sticks, cabbage, cucumber, and garlic croutons, in a Caesar dressing or olive-oil and lemon.

Meat Carpaccio – with pickled Portobello mushrooms in balsamic sauce.

Sesame-coated Chicken Fingers – in lemon sauce or sweet & sour sauce.

Warm Salad – in hot sauce with 2 types of lettuce.

Texas – Fried chicken wings in honey-barbeque sauce.

Entr?es Offered:
Sirloin steak in a crispy ciabatta, tartar sauce, and baby arugula leaves.

Half a chicken, grilled with sage, garlic, and lemon. Served with fries.

Chicken breast with mustard in gin, crispy on the outside, Vienna-style. Served with fries.

Fettuccine with a selection of sauces: Bolognese, tomato, pesto and pine nuts.

Salmon fillet in teriyaki sauce.

For Dessert:
Warm chocolate cake.

Fresh fruit salad.

A selection of sorbets.

Ranch House Bar Burger
La Boulevard Promenade, Isrotel Royal Garden Hotel, North Beach, Eilat.