Art in Tel Aviv

Summer Dance Festival, 2/7 -30/8. Suzanne Dellal Centre

This year, as always, 2012 Summer Dance events will reflect the dynamic and ever-evolving identity of Israeli dance.

According to Yair Vardi, General Manager of the Suzanne Dellal Centre, "the Summer Dance festival will offer an annual opportunity to examine and explore the processes and changes that Israeli dance constantly undergoes being, as it is, in a state of constant movement. Over the years, the various creations have showcased their creators' ongoing experimentation and constant search for unique, individual identities. The emerging picture is that of a riveting Israeli dance scene, expanding and developing in diverse directions, a multidisciplinary scene with multiple voices and multiple shades. It is characterized by a plethora of a superb local talent and creativity with many premieres of Israeli choreographers, high production values and outstanding dancers. There is good reason why Israeli dance has won international recognition for its superior quality".

Summer Dance 2012 will showcase the big dance groups, well established artists as well as young, independent ones in various styles: neo-classical, oriental, African, Indian, flamenco and contemporary dance, combined with other performing arts and experimental dance. In addition, there will be a special framework for Other Dance, showcasing the first creations of young artists.

This year it will be possible to see premiere performances of the Kameo dance group’s Daniel’s Toy world, choreographed for the entire family; of the Kolben dance group with Eating: A Love Story – a dance taking place around the dining table; of the Fresco dance group’s Cerebus (Particle Accelerator) and of the Yossi Berg and Oded Graff’s dance company with Black Fairytale which blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy.