Art in Tel Aviv

Solo Exhibition by Oren Lukatz - Americana. June 28th – July 28th, Rosenfeld Gallery

The solo exhibition by artist Oren Lukatz, who has been residing and creating in California in recent years, is composed of a series of photographs centered on Disneyland, Las Vegas and American suburbs – all clearly associated with the United States' cultural and historical legacy. Lukatz's treatment of the aforementioned symbols preserves the magic of the American dream while simultaneously fracturing it and exposing its artificiality.

"When Lukatz points his camera towards the horizon of his adoptive country, he sees the landscape through a lens of nostalgia; through memories that are not necessarily his own, and a longing for a world imagined by a young boy who is now a man". (Maria Purges, Renewed Observation, Americana exhibition catalog, 2012).

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