Leil Haseder 2012

Should you decide this time to avoid the hassle of home cooked Leil Haseder feast, we have some restaurant suggestions for you

Tel Aviv – Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga in Tel Aviv will be open on Leil Haseder, and will offer a special holiday menu, minus the Hametz and seafood. With dinner, piano music will be playing, and the Hagada will be read. Here are some dishes from the menu: Gefiltefish served with hard oiled egg and horseradish; chicken soup with kneidlach; Bass fish with pomodoro sauce and Ratatouille, and others.

Tel Aviv – Indira

Indian restaurant Indira on Shaul Hamelech Street prepares to hold its traditional Leil Haseder meal, which will be followed by a colorful Indian celebration. Meal price is NIS 195 per diner; kids less than 5 years old are invited for half price. Throughout Chol Hamoed, kosher for Passover meals will be offered for NIS 298 per 4 diners. Reservations required.

Tel Aviv – The White Pergula

The White Pergula will be open as usual on Passover, including Leil Haseder. The restaurant's menu is not kosher, but on top of the usual menu, kosher for Passover dishes will be served. Here are some examples: Champignon mushrooms stuffed with Roquefort cheese and spinach; oven baked sea bream served with baked potatoes; fresh entrecote steak served with sauce.

Jerusalem - Brasserie Ein-Kerem

On Jerusalem's picturesque area of Ein-Kerem, the Brasserie will be open as usual, including Leil Haseder, and will offer a special menu. It will include lamb thigh stuffed with apricot mixture and European sea bass stuffed with Chinese orange.
Happy Passover!