The Market of Markets in the Old City

This is the most famous tourist market in the Old City, located between the Jaffa Gate and the Christian Quarter

Its proximity to the Jaffa Gate, its central location and the beauty of the street attract a large and varied crowd: Jews on their way to services at the Western Wall, Christian pilgrims proceeding to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Muslims going up to pray on the Temple Mount, and thousands of tourists and visitors.

The narrow street and winding alleyways naturally make it impossible for vehicular traffic to pass here, therefore our walk down the street will only interfere with the occasional three-wheeled cart as it glides swiftly down the street laden with its merchandise.

The markets are beneath us, and across from us we can see other parts of the Old City, the Temple Mount and the Mount of Olives that border the Old City on the East. Church spires, minarets and roofs from the numerous synagogues and yeshivas mark the different quarters of the city.

There are those who believe that David Street and the Street of the Chain are located on the route of the “Decamanus” – the street the traversed the city from east to west during the Late Roman period. The Decamanus is crossed by the “Cardo” – which traversed the city from north to south.