Clipa Aduma Festival

International Festival for Visual Theatre and Performance Art: 2/2-22/2 Clipa Theatre

The Clipa Aduma festival will include Israeli premieres of visual art works from Israel and overseas. The goal of the festival is to enable the Israeli audience to undergo a different theatrical experience and expose them to leading groups and creators in the field of performance art.

This year the Visual Theatre and Performance Art festival held at Clipa Theatre, which is in its 5th year, will host guests from Japan, Russia, Brazil, Italy and Finland, alongside the Israeli framework for progressive theatre. In addition, workshops will be held in Performance Art and in Butoh.

International Performances

From Japan: two performances, the first A VESSEL OF RUINS and the second ABSTINENT – Butoh.

From Russia: performance entitled MESTOSLOV by the Object Theatre, written and performed by Pavel Semchenko and Vladimir Volkov.

From Brazil: PIECES OF PARADISE, visual theatre performed by Marcos Becker and Marilia Innes.

From Italy: two performances - THE FIRST SUBERB and THE TIMIDITY OF BONES, written and performed by the PATHOSFORME Group.

From Finland: SPEED BLINDNESS - MOTION BLINDNESS – a short, sharp and hypnotic performance of dramatic visual theatre.

Israeli Performances

12 performances created in Israel will be shown in the festival, 7 of which will be performed as part of Spotlight on Progressive Theatre.

Diamedia – created by Daniel Brosovni and Anael Blumental
With Sadness – dance created by Tami and Ronen Yitschaki
Eggnes – Physical theatre, created by Rotem Volk and Hagar Ben Zaken
As Talented as a Devil – dance combined with video, created by Orian Michaeli
The woman who did not want to come down to earth – combining movement in its extreme form with everyday objects, created by Garbielle Neuhaus
Atom – movement, video and shadow theatre combined in a work by Oded Zadok and Kazuyo Shionoiri
Traffica – Comics in a work by Israel Palka and Sandrine Lindgaren

My father is a clown! – Modern Clowning

Gindaor – Arthur Astman, a dancer with extraordinarily powerful physical abilities, performing as Gindaor

The Year of the Hare – visual theatre combined with animation, created by the Moving Hold group

Top Gun / Rite of Spring
Two solo creations: Top Gun by Michal Herman and Rite of Spring by Hilel Cogan