Wine Seven Two +972

On the 30th and 31st of January wine aficionados from around the country will make their to the Binyanei Ha’Uma convention center in Jerusalem where leading beverage and wine store A. Pupe will be organizing an impressive wine tasting event dedicated exclusively to kosher wines titled “Wine Seven Two +972”

A. Pupe situated on Golda Meir Avenue in Jerusalem, in the rather orthodox Sanhedria neighborhood, is among the top kosher wine stores in the country and after undergoing massive renovations in recent years, the shop has been a growing draw for those searching for premium wine and other alcoholic beverages. From my experience, the orthodox community has been showing an increasing interest in quality kosher wines, both from Israel and abroad. Wine is not viewed only as a beverage used for sacramental purposes but many see a good bottle of wine as an integral part of every holiday or Shabbat meal.

The event will feature some thirty five Israeli wineries of various sizes and styles, including: Golan Heights, Binyamina, Tulip, Carmel, Agur, Rimon, Yatir, Adir, Barkan, Or Haganuz, Tura, Saslove, Tavor, Luria, Yaffo Wineries, Segal, Lavie Liqueurs and other. Additionally, wine dealers will exhibit the prestigious Luxor Champagne – real French Champagne which contains 24K pure gold flakes as well as other kosher wines from France, Spain and other locations. On both days, the event will run from 15:00-23:00 (last admission at 22:00) and the NIS 70 admission fee, will also include parking and a tasting of either sushi or quality cheeses.

Additionally, visitors will also have the opportunity to participate in various seminars and presentations related to the culinary and wine world. Chef Shaul Ben Aderet of Kimel, Bistro Tamara and the Blue Rooster will also run a “cooking with wine” workshop and provide some personal insights on this topic. Remember the rule of thumb – do not cook with a wine that you would not drink. Not to say that one should always cook with a NIS 80 bottle of wine, but at least use a bottle that is palatable. Some people think that if a bottle of wine had been open in the refrigerator for two weeks it should be used for cooking. My suggestion would be to pour it down the sink and open a new bottle. It may cost you a few shekels more, but the dish will definitely come out better. The rest, I will leave to Chef Ben Aderet.

A. Pupe will also be setting up a “wine shop” on the premises and offering various wines at attractive discounts. Cigars, watches and other treats will be sold in a designated area. Menachem Kaplan, manager at A. Pupe mentioned that ”we are really looking forward to the event and it is expected to be very successful. We look forward to making this into a tradition and the upcoming festival is only the beginning”.

On a personal – I am very supportive of anyone who “picks up the ball” and promotes wine culture in Israel. Given A. Pupe’s experience in the retail and wholesale sectors, they definitely have the resources and connection to put together a great event – good luck and I for one will be attending.