Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has an abundance of restaurants, cafes and pubs. Here are some restaurants in Tel Aviv, for you to enjoy.

Baba Yaga, HaYarkon Street

Baba Yaga is a restaurant situated next to a small garden on HaYarkon Street in Tel Aviv, where it presents an Eastern European cuisine. Baba Yaga includes an accessorized bar that offers an impressive alcohol selection. On the menu: seafood cocktail served in a steaming fry-pan that: crab, shrimp, tiger shrimp, mussels, octopus and cuttlefish heads in Bashamel sauce.

Rosette's Café, Jaffa

Unlike typical Arabic restaurants, Rosette's Café in Jaffa offers a dairy kitchen that features light dishes, while combining traditional cooking with modern fashions. Rosette's patio overlooks the Clock Tower Square in Jaffa, and there it offers a plate of Meujant (small crispy pastries with various fillings), stuffed vegetables and Maschan – a dish from the Arab kitchen made of fried pita, stir-fried vegetables, fried Halumi cheese and sumac flavoring.

Dr. Mafrum, next to the Carmel market

Dr. Mafrum is located on 4 Rambam Street – a small alley leading from the main market road to Nahalat Binyamin. Here it offers traditional Libyan dishes such as cuscus, cauliflower stuffed with meat, meat balls, chicken roast, stuffed vegetables, kibbeh and others. Food is served until 6pm; on Friday mornings and before holidays, everything is for sale by weight.

Offside, Jaffa

Offside is a neighborhood bar located at the heart of ancient Jaffa, the kind of bar where everybody knows your name. Owners Assaf and Yossi who were trained by renowned chef Segev Moshe make special home cooked meals, sport games are screened on wide screen TVs, and alcohol is served on the bar. On the menu you'll find gravlax bruschetta, roast beef sandwich and other snacks.