Shuk HaNamal (Port Market)

In November 2010, in an area extending over more than 1,000 square meters in the Tel Aviv Port, Shuk HaNamal was opened – the first roofed food market in Israel, founded by Michal Ansky, Shiri Halpern and Roy Hemed

The two story market in Hangar 12 is proud to be the first commercial ecological structure, similar in format to other leading markets throughout the world like Barcelona’s Bokeria market and London’s Borough market. The market's opening constituted a step forward in Israel's culinary culture, and its design was placed in the hands of architect Roy Hemed, one of the market's initiators.

The vision behind the culinary venture was to create a market inspired by various roofed markets in Europe, while integrating the ideology promoted by the Slow Food organization, namely high quality, clean and fair produce. Other characteristics of the market helped shape its spirit and ultimately lead to its establishment, such as the green agenda, the focus on organic, seasonal and local merchandise, and on supplying the growing demand for flavor-filled, high quality and premium raw materials. The result is evident in the culinary experience offered by the market, which is unique especially in the local landscape.

As the first culinary center of its kind in Israel, Shuk HaNamal attracts food lovers every day of the week with produce that offers a genuine alternative to industrial and refrigerated food.

The finest food stores in Israel congregate daily under one roof and offer premium meat, fresh fish and seafood, choice cheese, aromatic olive oil, fresh pasta, handmade sausages, herbs and spices, beans, boutique beers, smoked fish, vegetables and fruit of unparalleled quality, bread and pastries baked on site and any other raw material you can imagine. Every morning the finest, freshest local produce is delivered to the market. In addition to the organic shops that offer its fresh produce every day, various vegetable stands operated by the farmers themselves have been set up in the center of the market. This enables farmers to sell fresh merchandise picked that very morning, without retail markups, and while preserving the principles of good, fresh local produce.

In addition to stands and shops, visitors can enjoy fine and seasonal food in a variety of restaurants and food stands, such as: Tapas BaShuk, Kitchen Market, Pasta Bar Fiore, Sherry Herring stand, and the Delicious meat delicatessen.

On Fridays, Shuk HaNamal is combined with Tel Aviv's Farmer’s Market, a member of Slow Food organization's international network of farmers markets. Together, both markets combine a true culinary celebration at the port.

Address: Shuk HaNamal, Hangar 12, Tel Aviv Port
Telfax: 077-5101515

Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday 8:30–20:00
Friday 7:00–17:00
Saturday 9:00–18:00
Sunday Closed