Lights in the Winter / International Group Exhibition

22/12-29/12: Old Jaffa Museum of Antiquities

The exhibition's festive opening will be held on 22.12.11 (second candle of Hanukah), and will be attended by the artists, representatives of the embassies of the artists' countries of origins, member of the art world and celebrities.

The exhibition is held during the holidays that are celebrated by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

The concept of the exhibition is the holiday of holidays: a holiday characterized by a festival of lights that light up the darkness of winter. Numerous cultures throughout the world celebrate a festival of lights during this season – Hanukah candles, Christian Christmas tree and Muslim holidays. The weak light emitted by the lantern warmly and humbly illuminates its surroundings and creates an intimate family atmosphere.

The site of the exhibition is the exotic Old Jaffa Museum of Antiquities. This ancient, historic building is a suitable setting of the exhibition's concept. The works will be displayed between the museum's ancient exhibits, so as to emphasize the relations between old and new, between tradition and progress. The museum's surroundings – the ancient alleyways, lighthouse, ancient port, houses of worship and artists' quarter all complete the mystical and tranquil backdrop for this unique exhibition.

36 artists participate in the exhibition, including artists from overseas from 12 countries: Turkey, US, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and Bulgaria. Half of the artists participating in the exhibition are Israeli artists. In total, 80 works of light will be displayed – paintings, photographs and sculptures.

The foreign artists participating in the exhibition are well known in their own countries and the world - some have won international prizes and some have works permanently exhibited in the world's most prestigious galleries. A few of the artists plan to attend the opening and will visit Israel for this purpose. In addition to the cultural-artistic value of the exhibition, it also serves to enable a direct, unhindered encounter between the artists. The exhibition will be a bridge between Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultures, and will reduce geographical distances into a continuous yet diverse artistic tapestry. The artists and guests will meet among the works of art and alleyways of enchanted Jaffa, where they will exchange thoughts and ideas.

The exhibition was produced and curated by Mrs. Tzina Berkowitz: a highly-esteemed Israeli artist, winner of prizes, engaged in organizing and curating quality international exhibitions in Israel and overseas. Tzina very carefully selected the artists and works suitable for the exhibition's concept, and created a fascinating and enchanting collection of styles, techniques and shades.

Address: 10 Mifratz Shlomo Street, Ancient Jaffa

Opening hours:

Sun – Thur: 10:00 – 18:00
Friday: 10:00 – 14:00