Art in Tel Aviv

3 New Solo Exhibitions at Kayma Gallery 22/9-5/11

Noam Omer// Lucian and Me

Painting, drawing
"The exhibition "Lucian and Me" presents a selection of the latest works of Noam Omer. In similarity to Lucian Freud - whose portrait figures in the present collection - Noam shows an obsessive interest in human face, flesh and skin. Still, Omer's acrylic paintings and charcoal drawings present an essential difference: the artist here doesn’t render, or manipulate or penetrate the flesh but rather, the "negative" of the flesh, transforming the meaty, greasy, sensual reality into an almost airy phenomenon, devoid of weight and physical consistency.
Be it in a strong contrasting black and white or a vivid colored palette, Omer creates a mythology of heroes and anti-heroes, all seemingly trapped by the “pale fire” (Nabokov) of a strangely non-carnal passion."
Philippe & Mireille Brandes, curators

Gallery artist Noam Omer (born 1982, Israel) graduated in Art at the Midrashah - Beit Berl art school in 2007. He lives and works in Hod Ha'Sharon, Israel

Zeev Gross// The Blind Woundmaker

Mixed media, collage
The works of Zeev Gross reveal a rocky, arid and barren landscape. The view is interrupted frequently with what appears to be the remnants of a lost civilization. Colours shift between rich hues of grey to dense black.
These works depict an illusion of place. The bare soil seems at times near and at others very distant. The traces of human presence appear as opaque black stains - images that are almost sterile and somewhat engineered.
The exhibition "The Blind Woundmaker" will provoke many to stop and think for a moment. This is its strength and its originality. The artistic investigation of Zeev Gross through patches of colour, of shape and contour, interweaving with an apocalyptic ecological prophecy, presents profound questions that are difficult to ignore.
Yehudit Matzkel, curator

Born in Italy in 1946, Gross studied at the Avni Institute of Art and Design, Tel Aviv and with artists Yehezkel Streichman and Avshalom Okashi. He currently lives and works in Givat Shmuel.

Ori Levin// Tit for Tat

Installation, light&sound
Suspense, action, melodrama, slapstick comedy and horror in a small space: the project room exhibition of Ori Levin creates poetic moments of light and sound examining the film apparatus with a grin.
Ori Levin (born 1982, Israel), MA from Tel-Aviv University, Film & Television Department, MFA student at the Betzalel Academy of Art.

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