The Olympic Experience

A one-hour, five-ring trip through the greatest Olympic records, with a special focus on Israel’s finest moments. Experience the Olympic spirit of excellence, willpower, perseverance and an overwhelming ambition to achieve and reach ever faster, higher and stronger.

The Olympic Experience boasts state-of-the-art high-tech imaging and illustrations; audio-visual presentations, holograms, interactive screens, hands-on trials and much, much more…

Ring of Fame

The greatest moments in the history of the Olympic Games – an exciting 360˚ presentation surrounding visitors with exciting achievements.

Ring of History

Step back in time to the first ancient Greek Olympics and their revival in Paris in the late 19th century.

Israeli Ring

A face to face encounter with holograms of Israeli Olympic medalists, some of the proudest heroes in the country’s history.

Memorial to the Fallen Athletes of Munich

A commemoration of the 11 top Israeli athletes who were tragically murdered by Palestinian terrorists at the Olympic Games in 1972, as related in the personal story of Israeli Prize for Sports laureate Esther Roth-Shachamorov.

Ring of the Future

An inflatable globe screening an exciting depiction of the worldwide Olympic spirit.

Hands-On Sport Ring

Interactive sports activities in various disciplines – activity stations with trivia quiz and computerized information.


Guided tours for organized groups every 30 minutes. Advance reservation is recommended.
Individual visitors will be integrated into groups.
Entrance from age 6 and over.
Presentation and explanation currently offered in Hebrew and English.

Address: Olympic Building, 6 Shetrit St., Hadar Yosef, Tel Aviv
Tel: +972-3-7955900
Opening Hours:
Sunday – Thursday 10:00 – 17:00
Organized groups can reserve seats beyond opening hours
During holidays and vacations, we will extend our opening hours.