Holiday Feast

Although it's not yet time to wear a sweater or even take down the heavy blanket, it does look like summer is about to be over, one minute before the holiday season. Speaking of which, any plans for Rosh HaShana? Have you started preparing your holiday meal? Here are a few prepared food suggestions

Rozmarin, Rosh HaAiyn

Rozmarin Catering loves events and home cooked food and the way the 2 concepts combine together. Prepare yourselves for a high level kosher experience. With the holidays coming, everything you need will be offered here: Tabbouleh salad with groats, mint and olive oil; Nile perch in tomato and vegetables spice sauce; meat stuffed artichoke in Sofrito sauce and even calf tongue.

The Jewish Food Restaurant, Bene Brak

This Glat kosher kitchen has everything you need for the holidays. You are more than welcome to browse through the long tables, take anything you wish, and enjoy a day out of the kitchen. If somebody asks, you can say it was your Jewish Mom who made this food. On the table: sweet carrot salad, stuffed carp, stuffed fish head, roast beef and more.

Matamei Shulhan Aruch, Ramle

This food store includes a bakery and offers catering services as well. On Fridays and pre-holiday days a huge food market sells any kind of home-cooked food: vine leaves, Moussaka, Mafrum, Cholent, stuffed Wiener Shnitzel, beef steak, cakes, cookies, sweet pastries and great Hallas for Shabat.

Deli, Petah Tikva

Home cooked food as well as various sauces, spreads and special pies are offered in Ganim Mall in Petah Tikva. Personal treatment for customers allows you to enjoy a nice afternoon at home while the food is being prepared for you. Here are a few samples: Gefilte Fish, chicken liver in onions and red wine, stuffed onions and peppers, beef burgers and a selection of smoked fish.

Happy Holidays