Tourist Information Center in Jaffa

New Tourist Information Center Opened in Jaffa by the Association for Tourism Tel Aviv - Jaffa

The Association for Tourism Tel Aviv – Jaffa recently opened a new Tourist information center in Jaffa.

The new tourist center joins two veteran centers operated by the association: the Herbert Samuel boardwalk center and Hatachana Complex center.

The role of the information center is to provide tourists with information about the wealth of municipal events, attractions, exhibitions and tours. In addition, the association provides visitors with Internet stations to help them plan their visits.

The staff is composed of employees and volunteers that are happy to help in planning the vacations or visits of foreign tourists as well as Israeli visitors.

Merav Uziel Refetov, Deputy CEO of the Association for Tourism Tel Aviv – Jaffa: "Jaffa is considered one of the city's strongest tourist attractions. It is of interest to the three religions, and also offers its long history and famous port. The alleyways of ancient Jaffa, with their numerous galleries, the Ilana Gur Museum, the Flea Market, the renovated port, Hashaon square area, Ajami neighborhood, Jaffa's diverse architecture, and most importantly its human fabric – all attract numerous tourists to Jaffa. Jaffa is one of the central anchors on which promoters base their tourism marketing overseas.

Every Wednesday, at 10:00 in the morning, the Association for Tourism conducts a free tour for English speaking tourists. The tour offers a taste of Jaffa to every tourist who wants to understand the secret of the city's charm. There is no need to register in advance for the tour. The tour is held under all weather conditions, and the starting point is the Information center at 2 Marzuk & Azar St.

Address: 2 Marzuk & Azar st. (Hashaon square area)

Tel: 03-5166188

Opening hours: April 1st - March 31 (Summer)

Sunday-Thursday: 09:30-18:30

Friday / holiday eves: 09:30-14:00

Saturday/Holidays: Closed