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Kohelet: Solo exhibition by Eliram Basher in Gal-On Gallery 6/8-30/8. Curator: Daniela Talmor

Eliram Basher is a multi-disciplinary artist with a social orientation, engaged in painting, writing and creative activities that contribute to the artistic, social, community and educational spheres. The Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) series, from 2009-2010, is composed of more than 30 pieces that illustrate its content, with the artist examining the boundaries of the visual language. In a plastic description and depiction of abstract motifs, such as "vanity of vanities, all is vanity" or "there is nothing new under the sun", the artist combines verbal language, sign language and visual language, alongside expressions from the language of mathematics. The attempt to create visualization of intangible topics using shape, lines and color resulted in a mixture of additional means that help convey the messages and the intention behind the pieces.

At the opening, a book by Eliram Basher and Hanoch Livne will be launched: Ecclesiastes: Meditations and Paintings – Doubts of an Artist and Psychologist. The book's focus on the topic of faith and religion is designed to examine the personality of Ecclesiastes. It does not refer to the philosophical debate about the definition of faith as stemming from where knowledge does not exist – but does this mean, asks the artist, that thought does not exist also? Ecclesiastes gave up, in his opinion, on the rules of faith that are defined as "religion" by his very protests against God's actions, but his faith in God is certain and unquestionable – alongside his disagreement with God's actions. Therefore, unlike a religious person, he defines him as a person of faith.

Also included in the exhibition are several works from the Children in Distress series, in the center of which Eliram places humans and their suffering. His educational-social activities are expressed in workshops for youths: in the Childhood Landscape project developed by the artist, he implements an approach to education through art, and his goal is to sharpen the observation skills of youths in order to enhance social sensitivity towards the weak and "others" in society. This project has been conducted in his studio in Jaffa for years, in collaboration of Mofet association for educational excellence. To date, thousands of students and youths from all over the country have participated in the project.

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